Artsite – Behind the Scenes, 30/10

Sally and Vicky have been at The Post Modern all morning working in the office.  After three hours we are a bit tired, but we have managed to catch up with a few outstanding tasks. Most importantly we have started the ball rolling with the Handmade Swindon project which is being launched in time for Christmas.  This is an exciting project in which we hope local Artists and Artisans will take part. giving them the opportunity to develop themselves through the promotion and sale of their work.. (see Handmade Swindon post for details)
The sun is shining outside and through the office window we can just make out the autumn leaves on the trees.  We both want to get into our studios an create some Artwork, but it is a necessary part of running a creative organisation that this work has to be done first.
This is our first entry to the blog and we hope other studio artist will follow suit.  Letting you know what goes on in the studios when the “Post Modern” doors are closed..
Vicky & Sally
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