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Artsite Artists.  You are invited to submit one piece of work  If you are interested in participating in this project, please submit a j.peg of one piece of work to .[email protected]

BlueGate Poets and Artsite are pleased to announce the birth of LiterARTure – POETRY meets ART, the child of Illustrate Your Point.

This is a new collaborative project between BlueGate Poets and the artists of Artsite.

Up to 12 poets can team up with artists to produce works of art and poetry inspired by each other.

The chosen Poets & Artists will pay an entrance fee of £10 (to cover the costs of hiring the Artsite venue for 8 days).


To match poets with artists, BlueGate Poets members who would like to take part are invited to send one poem to [email protected]. The poem will be published on the website on a dedicated page (anonymously, along with all of the other submitted poems). Artists will then be able to peruse the poems and pick the ones they can gain inspiration from.  

Artists are also invited to submit one image to [email protected]work which reflects  their personal style.  These images will also be published  anonymously so that poets can select artworks that may inspire them. Once all the preferences are known,  pairings (up to 12 pairs) will be selected.  Poets or artists who have existing preferences for who they work with are encouraged to express them.


The event will run from 12th to the 20th May (at the time of the Swindon Lit Fest) and will probably be included in the Swindon Lit Fest programme of events. There will be events for lovers of both art and poetry as well as those that celebrate the nexus between them. BlueGate Poets will have use of the Artsite facility on all days from 12th to 20th May except for the evening of 18th May (when Artsite is pre-booked for another event). Watch this space for details of other workshops around this time. Poets who want to use the space for their own performances during this period are invited to contact the committee.


A free-to-view PDF book (on Bluegate Poets website) will be produced by Andy and Bill and made available for purchase as a published book. It will consist of the output of the collaborations, with accompanying explanatory notes from both poets and artists if desired.

Please forward your ‘sample’ poems to Mo a.s.a.p. so that the selection process can begin quickly. We aim to pair off poets and artists by mid January. As the event is limited to 12 pairings there is a chance that not all respondents will end up paired with an artist, so acting early is advised. The early bard gets the worm…


LiterARTure: Synergistic. Symbiotic. Symbolic.


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